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What are the main underlying causes that led to clogged drains or Afvoer verstopt?

What are the main underlying causes that led to clogged drains or Afvoer verstopt

Nowadays, clogged drains or blocked pipes are the most minor issues that most homeowners face and can easily escalate into major problems if you do not give any utmost priority to them. A drainage system that has been clogged can cause serious issues like slow water drainage, flooding, corrosion. And, therefore in order to tide over this difficult situation, you require sewage backup and costly repairs. In simple words, you need to recognize the causes of clogged drains and thereby ensure effective maintenance of the drainage system.

Some of the significant reasons that led to the cause of clogged drainage system has been distinctly described below:-

  • Soap:- You might wonder how soap can cause a blockage in your drainage system. But one thing you must know is that traditional soap bars have been actually made with fat or grease. The fat in the soap gets synthesized with minerals in the water and leftover a hard residue commonly referred to as “soap scum” that stains bath fittings and clogged the free flow of water. You must switch to soap-free washes and then let your pipe pressure be cleaned to eliminate the traces of soap buildup.
  • Hair:- Hair acts as a big culprit for the blockage of the drain, and it gets bind with grease and other sticky substances that ultimately led to the formation of clogs. So, therefore the best way to deal with hair blockage is to abandon them from occurring in the first place. Before installing any drainage system in your kitchen, you must ensure all drains have guards to catch hair instantly.
  • Food waste:- Food waste must never go down the drain, even though you have a garbage disposal in your sink. Instead, what you are required to do is set up a composting pile in order to prevent the penetration of food waste particles. This is particularly significant for waste like tea leaves that don’t easily break down and gets hidden in the pipe. Oil or grease solidifies in the pipe and causes a severe blockage in your drainage system. Instead, you absorb oil on a paper towel and throw it off in the compost.
  • Dirt:- You may think that your pipes and drain can easily wash the dirt or dust particles in a drainage system. But you do not know that such dirt might cause severe complicated issues and lead to Afvoer verstopt. So, in order to prevent the occurrence of such a situation, you need to rinse or shake excess dirt and mud off your clothes before washing them inside.
  • Small objects:- Small objects might find their way into your plumbing system and cause havoc. Human waste and toilet paper enter inside the passage of your drain, toilet, or sink and led to the blockage of drains. To prevent the rise of a clogged drain or Afvoer verstopt, all these small objects should be disposed of in the compost or trash and thereby ensure a hygienic sink. If you find that your plumbing is causing severe issues, then you require the help of a professional plumber to eliminate the clogged drain problems and ensure your plumbing returns to a normal state as before. 
  • Mineral buildup:- Minerals when gets dissolved in hard water can easily build up and thereby cause insoluble masses, primarily leading to Afvoer Verstopt. One solution is to install a water softener in your house if hard water is a problem in your region. If that is not possible, you require to wash the sink regularly, remove sediments and ensure free-flowing of water. Mineral build-up clogs become difficult to eliminate once it has been established. So, therefore you need to call a professional plumber if your pipes and drains no longer seem to be flowing.
  • Toilet paper buildup:- Throwing toilet paper instead of flushing might clog your drain. If water still runs through your toilet when flushed, you can use a plunger to dissolve the toilet paper. But if your toilet gets filled without draining, you require to call a plumber to prevent the rise of blockage inside your drainage system.

Key points to be taken away:-

There are several causes that led to Afvoer verstopt or clogged drains, the best way to fix them is to abandon from getting clogged in the first place. We, therefore have provided you with an experienced plumber who will assist you during times of emergency.  


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