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How Automation Can Help Telecoms Companies Unlock Their Growth Potential

How Automation Can Help Telecoms Companies Unlock Their Growth Potential

It has always been a dream of modern human beings to operate jobs automatically. Thanks to pandemic companies like telcos realized that there are more services to offer other than only voice, message, and data services. The post covid 19 era has made broadband services more commending urging for smoother face-to-face activities, conferences, and meetings.

Combing AI services and automation, one can draw a huge opportunity for the industries in their process of digitizing and migrating assets to the cloud. Telecom companies can become the game-changer if they efficiently use the opportunity which will eventually unlock their own growth potential. Here are a few ways that can accelerate the whizz of telecom enterprises.

Bandwidth Automation

In contemporary times, increasing each customer’s value is crucial to maintaining healthy business operations. Automation in the field of bandwidth can seriously open up better opportunities that will escalate average revenue per customer and provide various options to build out on-demand network capabilities. By using SDN or Software-Defined Networking technology the telecoms can manage their network dynamically and fulfil customer uptime and speed expectations even with an uprising demand.

Customer-Facing Portals

Swapping from portal to portal to steer numerous aspects of their accounts, the experience of the telecom customers can be tedious and demoralizing. However the audience has accustomed to the habit, the telcos can still diminish the resentment by introducing single cloud-based portals. The portals will accommodate billing and order management, service provisioning, and troubleshooting. The customer service will eventually develop as the users will get an umbrella under which they can handle questions, concerns, or requests.


Over the years, DevOps have successfully managed IT teams and resources, emphasized collaborations, speed, and automation. As a matter of fact, many telecom customers have shown their interest in this emerging tech. But the lack of a sophisticated network is failing to support the ventures. However, carriers can strengthen the experience and resources by leveraging the client’s DevOps projects. Initially, provisioning additional bandwidth can even help the clients to get benefitted.

Everyday user demands are increasing and a repressing telecom company will find newer ways to meet the expectations and monetize their efforts to originate new and everlasting yields.

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